Did you know…

Published September 15, 2013 by creamthecat

… That our birthday is at August 6th?
… That Cream enjoys riding in a car?
… Miss cleans up after eating by scraping her paw along the floor, in the same way she does in the litterbox?
… Cream seems to like watching TV.
… Miss comes running every time human fills up the waterfountain?
… That Cream enjoys a nice, warm(although very short!) shower sometimes?
… That Miss is obsessed with soft plastic, and human has to always make sure none lays around?
… That Cream gets afraid when she see a polar bear on TV?
… That Miss fetches her favourite toy and places it before human whenever she wants to play?
– That both the cats activity has a big impact on humans ADD when she has to focus?(but who can resist!)





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