My name iz Cream. I am a 1,5 year old britiz zhorthair. My colorz are creme spotted, therefore the name. The name iz translated from norwegian Fløte, and that meanz cream. I am a good cat. I do what we are zuppozed to. Basics like staring at my humanz when they does stuffs, making shures iz hair in every corner of my house, meow at night and I sleeps at day. I go to my toilet. But if itz dirty, I go in a clean place so I make sure my peoplez understandz. They get very happy too, giving me lotz of attention when I doez that. They also get happiez when I eats their foodz or drink their water glazz. Diz makes me a purrfect pet.


11 comments on “About

  • ^ v ^ Oh hello Cream,my name is Yin – mom of a little kitty named Meatbun – you guys can be very good friends I bet 🙂

    There’s no doubt that your family love you so well ,Cream, have a happy life ^ – ^

  • I was afraid to be so rude as to do that on your Blog.
    If you would go to my Blog, please then just click on her name, Breanna
    on the row of links/pages at the top.
    Let me know if you get there ok??

  • Meow me backs^^

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