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How I maintainz fur

Published February 27, 2013 by creamthecat

I like mozt of my fellow catz like to have a clean and nice fur. To do that, you MUZT uze tongue. I cleanz it about 57 timez each day. Never EVER let your humanz use water on you. Iz not good for their dizipline and not good for your hair. If they triez, you muzt ether pretendz to be a good cat and take revengez, or you muzt call for the devilcat spirit and letz him do the job for you.

Second human

Published February 26, 2013 by creamthecat

Second human

Diz one iz away most of the day. Therefore, I have chosen not to be az well behaved when he iz around. For example, I wont let him sit on hiz zpot on the sofa. And hiz feet are very twitchy to play with at night. Diz iz crucial for well behaved humanz. If he begz, I pretendz he iz air. Like here on the picture.

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